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Our capability to source product from around the world, coupled with the diversity of our relationships with chemical manufacturers, INSCX exchange and its extended network of specialist commodity and support providers ensures that our customers are always assured highly reliable and cost tolerant sources of supply irrespective of origin or destination of product. Nanoshel have the unique ability to supply economically any customer requirement large or small so take this opportunity to learn more about us, our products, services and capabilities to meet your needs. 

Company is a customer trade portal owned and operated by Nanoshel which operates as a U.S and India based global manufacturer and distributor of commodities and products providing customers with unrivalled visibility in terms of fair pricing and procurement efficiency across a diverse range of raw and semi-finished materials. Nanoshel are registered Approved Supplier Members (ASM) members of INSCX exchange, the global commodity exchange specialising in the formal trade of (SHE) accredited nanomaterials, nano-enabled commodities, traditional physical commodities and chemicals. In addition to accessing exchange trade support networks, we provide a worldwide distribution infrastructure covering 4 continents and a number of contracted chemical terminal locations. 

Product Focus:  Our product focus includes some of the most broadly used industrial and specialist commodities in the worldranging from industrial and precious metals, minerals, bulk polymers, industrial/high-value chemicals to precision engineered, (SHE) accredited nanomaterials and advanced materials.Orders can be placed for immediate and/or forward delivery to cater for individual customer requirement.

Trade Certainty: As a company we appreciate our customer’s requirement for absolute certainty throughout the trade process. Our assurance remains to provide our customers with open and fair price transparency, quality assurance through independent materials inspection, financial integrity and accountability ensuring prompt delivery in the materials we manufacture ourselves or source to customer instruction. 

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